Termination of Service.

Except as elsewhere provided herein, service may be terminated only if:

(a) Your bill is not paid within 45 days from receipt, or such longer periods as may be permitted by 220 CMR 25.02(1); and

(b) Groton Electric Light, not earlier than 27 days after the rendering of the bill (i.e. first request for payment), renders a second request for payment, stating its intention to terminate on a date not earlier than 48 days after the receipt of the original bill; and

(c) Groton Electric Light renders a final notice of termination not earlier than 45 days after receipt of the bill. Such notice must be rendered at least 72 hours, but in no event more than 14 days, prior to termination of the electric service; and

(d) The bill remains unpaid on the termination date indicated on the notice.


Full Terms and Conditions of Service