A good alternative for heating when combined with our Time-of-Use Rate

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is the technology of converting off-peak electricity to heat and storing the heat in ceramic bricks which are enclosed in a self-contained room unit or a whole-house heating system.


How it Works

An ETS system contains electric heating elements within high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks are capable of storing large amounts of heat for long periods of time. A thermostat monitors room air temperature and regulates heat delivery as needed, providing comfort 24 hours a day. ETS equipment is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance.


Electricity is less expensive when demand is low

During late night/early morning hours, there is a significant reduction in use of electricity by consumers; these hours are known as “off-peak” hours. During “off-peak” hours, there is a decreased strain on electricity generation and distribution systems which translates to lower power costs (to GELD) during these times. GELD’s time-of-use rates offer lower cost power to customers willing and able to shift some of their use to off-peak times.

During GELD’s “off-peak” hours, the ETS system is programmed to charge the electric elements that generate the heat that will be stored in the bricks of the heating system. This stored heat is used to satisfy immediate heating requirements and to provide total comfort around-the-clock.  Since the system only charges during the off peak hours (when power costs are low), it is a cost-effective alternative to other forms of heating.

ETS units are designed as both room units (used to heat a single area) and whole house heating systems.

Although ETS currently has lower operating costs than almost all other heating types (excluding natural gas), there are substantial capital costs associated with this technology.  To help with financing, GELD has partnered with Worker’s Credit Union to offer a zero percent heat loan.  Click here to view GELD’s heat loan program.

For a free quote based on your specific heating needs or for additional information, here are two local contractors who are trained to install and support ETS systems:

Paul Keleher, Paul Keleher Electrical Contracting – 978-838-2457 or pakeleher@gmail.com

Richard Irwin, Patriot Electric – 978-369-1324 or richard@patriotelect.com

For more information on GELD’s time-of-use rates, visit the time-of-rates section of this site.


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