Groton Electric offers many energy-saving programs to help our customers:

Energy-efficient bulbs

GELD stocks three sizes of LED light bulbs.  We offer the 60-watt equivalent for $4.00 each ($12.97 retail), the 40-watt equivalent for $3.50 each ($9.97 retail) and the 25-watt equivalent (candelabra small base style) for $12.00 per 3-pack ($19.95 retail).  GELD subsidizes these bulbs and stocks them as a convenience to our customers.  By using energy efficient bulbs, you can reduce the lighting portion of your bill by up to 90%.

Infrared camera scan

A Groton Electric employee will use an infrared camera to scan and take pictures of the walls, windows and doors of your home to identify areas of heat loss. Customers receive a report with infrared and digital pictures of the problem areas. There is no cost for this service for GELD customers.

Watts Meter

Customers can borrow one of our two watts meters to find out how much electricity an appliance is using.  Check that old second refrigerator, dehumidifier, or electric heater to calculate how much it costs you to run each month.  Simply plug the appliance into the watts meter, let it run for three days and record the data.  You can multiply the dollar amount by ten to see what it costs for one month and determine if it’s time for a new appliance.

Online energy calculator

Identify your home’s energy users by completing an online audit of the items in your home that use electricity. You can print a report and see specifically where the dollars on your electric bill are spent. Click here to use the online energy calculator.

Time-of-use rates

If you can shift some of your high electricity use during the day to late night – such as programming a  timer on a pool pump– you can save money on your electric bill by switching to our time-of-use rates.  More information on time-of-use can be found under our rate section of this web site.

Energy audit

Groton Electric offers full energy audits through HELPS – Home Energy Loss Prevention Service. Although these audits do not cost our customers any money, GELD pays approximately $275 for each audit. To schedule an audit, call 1-888-333-7525.

Switch and outlet insulation gaskets

Heat can escape through the light switches and outlets on outside walls of your home. Groton Electric offers insulator gaskets that are easily placed behind the switch or outlet to help with heat loss. These are available at our main office on Station Avenue.