Groton Electric’s main concern with residential installation is that an automatic disconnect be installed and that a manual disconnect be accessible to our linemen should there be an electrical emergency.

We would need to inspect the automatic and manual disconnects after final inspection by the Town’s Electrical Inspector UNLESS you guarantee (in writing) that the system will not run without GELD’s sine wave (power); if guaranteed, we can waive the GELD inspection of the automatic disconnect. However, we would still need to inspect the manual disconnect.

Note: GELD requires the manual disconnect to be located in the immediate vicinity of the solar meter. If it is not possible to locate the manual disconnect in the immediate vicinity of the solar meter, please contact GELD to discuss optimal placement of the disconnect.

We do not offer any internal rebates but we do offer two-way net metering – we charge retail price for power used and we will pay the average monthly “on peak” wholesale price (LMP-Locational Marginal Price) on generation for any excess electricity produced. The current wholesale on-peak price has been typically between 2.0 and 5.0 cents per kilowatt hour. However, this price may vary in either direction. The solar credit amount will be calculated and credited monthly on the GELD customer’s electric bill.

We will provide a letter of interconnection once the system has been inspected and turned on. If needed, we can send a “pre-interconnection” letter once we know the project is going forward.

If you have contracted with a solar company and are moving forward with the installation, please ask your contractor to complete the “MuniSolar PV Technical Worksheet” found in this section and return it to GELD.

If you have additional questions regarding this policy, please contact Tammi Lemire at 978-448-1150 or via email