The natural beauty that we all enjoy in Groton includes the large number of lush trees that line our roads and cover the landscape. Unfortunately, trees and power lines don’t mix.

Trees that grow too close to electric lines can cause trouble if branches touch them or fall onto them. When this happens, especially during storms, wires can be pulled to the ground, fires started, and hundreds of homes and businesses can lose their electricity.

Even in good weather, a single leaf or twig in the wrong place can spell trouble and cause an outage. To minimize these types of outages and others that may be more serious, we perform ongoing tree-trimming throughout Groton as needed. While the clearance needed for each line varies according to the size of the line, we always try to preserve as much of the tree as possible without jeopardizing safety or reliability.

So if you see us trimming trees in your neighborhood, please understand that it’s necessary, and that we’re doing it to ensure safe, dependable electric service for you and your family.

If our tree-trimming crew is coming to your neighborhood, we’ll send you a postcard ahead of time to let you know we’re on our way.

Hardwood cut by our crew will be left for the homeowner’s personal use. Other brush and cuttings are usually chipped and delivered to the town transfer station for local residents to use. However, if you’d like to have the wood chips we make in your neighborhood, let us know when you get our postcard and we’ll be happy to leave them for you. Be careful not to put wood chips close to your house, these chips may contain ants or other bugs because they are not treated. Use them as mulch away from structures.


Tree Trimming FAQs

Why does Groton Electric Light (GELD) trim trees?
How much of the tree will be pruned?
Is pruning healthy for the tree?
How often is tree trimming done?
When is tree removal the best option?
Can I trim the tree myself?
Does GELD remove the trimmings pruned from the tree?
Does GELD remove debris left after a storm?
A tree is touching the power lines and “sparking.” Who do I call?
What kind of trees can I plant near power lines?